Traditionally, our exterior wash has been done completely by hand. After a high-grade detergent is applied manually, every inch of the vehicle is scrubbed with brushes and pads and then rinsed with a high-pressure wand. After the wash is completed the tractor receives a second rinse with R/O water designed to keep the truck from spotting. Again, this is done manually. We have recently added a self-propelled vertical brush that has a soap cycle and a rinse cycle. This machine allows for one man to wash the sides of the trailer much more quickly and just as thoroughly. It works very well on reefers, dry vans and all box type trailers. We still hand wash the tractor. This process provides an outstanding wash.

We offer your choice of Shell Rotella, Mobile Del Vac or Chevron Delo 400 oil to be used for your oil change. We stock a full line of Baldwin oil, fuel, and air filters, most Cat filters and any filter we don’t have we can have at our location quickly. We check fluid levels in all gear boxes and add fluid as needed. All grease points are lubed on the tractor and the trailer. The engine is started and checked for leaks. If requested we give the driver a windshield sticker to remind him or her when the next maintenance should be performed.

We are Kosher Certified Maintain to perform wash outs on food grade tankers. This is a certification that we qualify for, pay for and are inspected annually to stay Kosher Certified. We manually wash out the tanker with high pressure low volume water and manually dry the tanker out. Pumps are taken apart and cleaned and put back together. All hoses that have been used are washed out with hot water and seals are placed on all hoses and lids. A Maintain Kosher Wash Out Certificate with seal numbers is provided to the driver. The Kosher certification we have allows us to maintain an existing Kosher tanker.

Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube L.LC. is unique in the world of large vehicle wash and maintenance in that we do exterior washes, interior tanker washouts, reefer, dry van and hopper bottom washouts, as well as oil and filter changes and comprehensive greasing for preventative maintenance.

Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube has the best customer service in the area. Our facilities have 3 bays, a wash bay, an oil bay, and a washout bay. All of our washes are done by hand with close attention to detail. We offer acid or briner washes, waxes, tire shines, and affordable oil changes.

We want you to be comfortable while we’re washing your truck. So we have free drinks and popcorn for drivers while you wait! Or you can bring your truck in on Friday and we have free food all day for drivers.

We are a Kosher certified truck wash, we guarantee you’ll leave satisfied. Bring your truck, trailer or RV in today to see for yourself.

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